Wearing Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment: What to Expect

Wearing Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment: What to Expect

Oral hygiene is very important, especially given how many tasks we perform with our mouths everyday. We use our mouths to talk, eat, and drink, and sometimes all it takes is seeing a beautiful, bright smile to turn our days around. There are multiple benefits to having a straighter smile, from better oral health to the good impressions you’ll make on other people.

A retainer is a device used to keep your teeth from moving, and is especially important for patients who’ve undergone teeth straightening procedures. Retainers are vital for a straighter smile, but they can range in cost, with the overall price determined by the type of retainer you need to the type of correction your mouth needs.

To help you understand your options, here are a couple of the most common orthodontist options you can expect for our adult and pediatric patients looking for a new retainer:

Invisalign® Invisible Braces:

Invisalign invisible braces are one the most popular aligner and retainer options for both young, pediatric patients and fully grown adults. They offer a number of advantages over traditional, bulky metal braces, including:

  • Easier to maintain oral health: Have trouble brushing or flossing due to the brackets and wires getting in your way? Invisalign retainers are removable, making it significantly easier to clean your teeth everyday and maintain your oral health.
  • A more natural smile: Kids, and even adults, often feel embarrassed to smile when they have bulky metal braces in their mouth. With Invisalign clear retainers, you won’t have any reason to hide your smile.
  • Low maintenance: Invisalign clear retainers are built to last. They’re very easy to clean, and very difficult to damage. For the average patient, you’ll only have to come in for an appointment and get your retainer swapped out every six months.

Retainers After Metal Braces Removal:

If you underwent traditional metal braces treatment to correct your teeth, your dentist will likely provide you with a retainer to help you maintain your straight teeth. There are many different brands and options when it comes to common retainers, with different looks, feels, and prices to consider.

It is very important to follow your dentist’s recommended instructions and wear your retainer regularly. Failure to use a retainer properly may result in you needing to wear braces again. Be sure to also follow these suggestions to maintain your retainer, and ensure you don’t have to spend extra money getting it replaced more often than you have to:

  • Wear your retainer at instructed, and keep it stored in a steel container when not in use.
  • Many retainers need to stay wet. Store retainers not in use in water and baking soda.
  • Regularly clean your retainer. Diluted vinegar in hot water is a great cleaning solution.
  • Avoid common dish soaps and brushing with toothpaste when cleaning your retainer.
  • Clean your retainer once a week, and more often if you notice a build up or foul odor.

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