Benefits of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Benefits of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Invisalign, known as “the clear alternative to braces,” is a convenient modern alternative to braces. Straight teeth are important not only for aesthetics and confidence, but also to improve oral hygiene and increase chewing ability. For more than a century, metal braces were the only option, but today Invisalign offers a better solution. Here are 4 benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces.

1. 3-D Modeling

Although traditional braces involve a lot of treatment planning, you and your child will not be able to see what to expect. Invisalign uses digital 3-D modeling to show you exactly what your child’s smile will look like at every stage of treatment. Digital planning also lets us precisely plan how best to shift each tooth.

2. Lifestyle Considerations

Kids and adults who wear traditional braces must make some sacrifices. They will have no choice but to flash a mouthful of metal in school pictures, on first dates, and at job interviews. For adults many feel wearing metal braces look “childish.” One may experience cuts and scrapes in the mouth from the metal brackets and wires, and patients will have to cut out such popular foods as uncut apples and popcorn.

Invisalign’s clear, comfortable, medical grade aligners are smooth, with no sharp edges. They are nearly invisible, meaning that no one but you needs to know you are straightening teeth. The aligners are removable, allowing the patient to eat his or her favorite foods.  

3. Improved Oral Health

Traditional braces require kids to learn a whole new oral hygiene routine. They can also scrape and demineralize the teeth, causing dark spots and increasing the risk for future tooth decay. Invisalign aligners are gentle on the teeth. Since they are removable, your child can continue to brush and floss as normal and have an easier time keeping their teeth healthy and clean.

4. Treatment Process

Metal braces require more frequent and often longer appointments. Only the orthodontist can adjust them, and ultimately remove them. If something breaks or bothers the patient you must return to the office.  

Invisalign provides you with more control. We will place attachments on the teeth and show your child how to insert and remove the aligners. Afterwards, the patient will wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, as directed, and change to the next set at home every two weeks, or as instructed. Generally we will see you  just once every four to six weeks for treatment monitoring.

At one time, Invisalign was more expensive than braces, but this is starting to change. Upgrades such as colored metal, as well as all adjustments and emergency appointments, increase the price of braces. Invisalign’s transparent, all-inclusive pricing model has no hidden surprises, and more and more insurance companies are now covering Invisalign.

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